Culture of Sao Tome and Principe

Saotomean culture is a mixture of African and Portuguese influences. The population is a mixing of descendents of mostly Portuguese, Angolans, Congolese, Mozambicans and Cape Verdians. However, other nations in less porpotions, such as Brazil Macau, etc has also feft their features in the islands.

And the result of the country´s miscellany in terms of etnics and races, is a beautifully mixed people, representing the whole possible skin tonality, with no racist tradition or mentality.


The rhythms of Sao Tome are ússua and socopé, while Príncipe is home to the dêxa beat. Portuguese ballroom dancing may have played an integral part in the development of these rhythms and their associated dances.

Tchiloli is a musical dance performance that tells a dramatic story. The danço-Congo is similarly a combination of music, dance and theatre.